Anna Kestel

»The magic you are looking for is in the work you’re avoiding«

Being active, feeling strong, and connected to her body has always been a big part of Anna‘s life. Yoga came into her life when she needed it the most. From childhood sports like swimming and tennis, her journey led her through various athletic disciplines and eventually to the practice of yoga. First in terms of managing stress while studying at university. Studying made her search for something she could calm herself with and release tension in her body. That‘s when yoga quickly became the perfect yin to her yang.

Layer by layer, she discovered the different facets within yoga over the years. She realized quickly that there is so much more beyond the asanas. She loves how yoga connects us to our bodies, to ourself, and to who we truly are, without any layers.

In her classes, she combines traditional yoga concepts with modern movements and themes. She wishes to find the best balance between dynamic and static, effort and ease, so you feel deeper connected to yourselvw and to what your body really needs. She loves the creativity within vinyasa yoga, how every flow can be so different from each other and nothing’s ever the same.

Learning that change is the biggest consistency we will ever have in our lives, she also likes to practice this on the mat with her students.

Outdoors: Joyful Morning Flow

Outdoors: Joyful Morning Flow

Wake up your body and mind with a mindful and energizing vinyasa flow. Take this time in the morning just for yourself to create a state of joyfulness. Join Anna to clear your head through breathwork and meditation and transition from gentle morning stretches into stronger asana variations. Be with yourself and your breath to gain the energy you need for your day. Let’s come together in community and fully enjoy practicing yoga outside in nature.

Tuesday’s 9.15AM
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