Christina Maret

»Be the energy you want to attract.«

For Christina, Pilates means strengthening her body awareness and going through life with confidence and radiance. In addition to her office job as an architect, Pilates is the perfect balance to forget stress, create me-time and maintain a straight posture. She would like to pass all this on to others in their everyday lives and help them find a good body image.

Starting gymnastics and dance at seven, she has learned from a young age how important it is to get to know your body, listen to it and how to move it to feel strong and confident in the best way. To share her experience with others, she got her mat pilates teacher license in 2022 and has been teaching since then.

Their Class



A Pilates class with a spicy twist- combining classical pilates movements with cardio burns to build your muscles, improve your flexibilty and work on your cardiovascular endurance. It is a class for all levels, leaving you feel energized and strong.

Thursday’s 8.15PM
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