Gesina Amrhein

»atha yoga anusasanam« – Yoga is now (Ptys. 1.1)

Gesina had contact with yoga in her life as a child, but it was only after studying architecture that she found an approach in Jivamukti Yoga that goes beyond purely physical practice. She quickly felt the need to learn even more about this method and started with the 75h training 2021 in Berlin. This was followed by the 300h training and the 500h apprenticeship with my mentor Rebecca Randak at Peace Yoga Berlin in 2023. She’s grateful for all the teachers who have accompanied her on her way for their time and inspiration.

Their Class

Jivamukti Open 60'

Jivamukti Open 60'

In this class, physical exercises come together with music, guided breathing, spiritual themes and meditation. Jivamukti Yoga combines ethical and spiritual ideas with a powerful practice that allows practitioners to connect the teachings in class to their everyday lives. You practice within your own means, supported by the guidance of the teacher, who always offers different variations and hands-on-assists. In each class you will chant, get philosophical input from the ancient yogic scriptures, meditate and relax in shavasana after practice.

Monday’s 11.15AM


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