Léa Hartman

»Do you have the patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear?« – Lao Tzu

Teaching in the field of awareness and embodiment for the last 4 years, Léa (she/her) Léa aspires to create classes for people to get more familiar with their bodily life and discover new perspectives of experiences. Her classes are a playful, inclusive, and engaging blend of exercises. They are tasteful journeys through stillness and movement practices to discover this wonderland called Presence – being in the here and now in a very practical, embodied way.

Through the simple – yet not always easy – experience of slowing down, new perspectives can arise and bring more clarity into our personal and relational adventures.

Léa is a certified Mindfulness meditation, Yin Yoga, and Fluentbody (free-form movement) facilitator, and is the founder of the project “Perspectives of Presence”.

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