Storm Hartley

»I am present here now in the quantum ocean, observing matter and how it behaves – breathing, extending, activating and evolving with the nature of the waves.«

Storm is an interdisciplinary healing arts facilitator, guiding rituals between sonic meditation, sensory infusions and movement alchemy. Yogic traditions inspired a deep study into ancient Vedic scriptures, Ashtanga and meditation – supported by a BFA in Dramatic Arts from NYU’s theatrical conservatory program. Storm brings a unique fusion of traditional and creative approaches to teaching. She is deeply connected to music and as a multi instrumentalist and techno dj, her offering resonates as a sacred moment to reconnect with the synergy of sound and devotional practice. Engaging intimately with resonant fields of the human body, and fusing this context into spheres of community building and the collective body; Storm serves in virtue to use sound as a gateway opener to hold space with the intention to facilitate embodied alchemy, as well as mirroring light and shadow in balance through art and praxis. 



Their Class

Restorative Oasis: Yoga, Breath, Sound

Restorative Oasis: Yoga, Breath, Sound

This unique restorative yoga journey is an invitation to anchor in the present moment and sink into the sanctuary of the body, facilitating a sacred time of rest and reconnection. Infused with bowls, tuning forks, gongs and deep somatic breathwork, this inner exploration cultivates awareness of the body’s various layers. Poses are held and supported for extended periods to sink deep and down regulate, focused on the physical muscles and fascia and then venturing into the more intangible realms of resonance, breath and energy.

Wednesday’s 8.15PM & Sunday’s 3.30PM
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