• 03.08.24
  • 5.30PM–8PM
  • USC / 20€
  • 03.08.24
  • 5.30PM–8PM
  • USC / 20€


Celebrate with us the opening of the new studio in Friedrichshain. Ariel will guide you through an awakening Pilates session.

Detoxifying & renew Pilates: A full body Pilates workout centered in renewing energy through twisting, detoxifying movements, sweating and balancing, in order to release the old and make space for new energy.

Afterwards you’ll experience the magic of the new moon with our yin & sound ceremony with Sara.

The new moon holds a special place in the cosmic cycle. It symbolizes fresh starts, new beginnings, and the potential for growth and transformation.
In this special event, you will experience a mindful yin practice. With warmth and love, she is guiding you to release the old and make space for the new. The practice closes with a soothing soundbath, allowing you to find peace for the past, love for the present, and joy for the future.

Let us celebrate the growth of OPEN in a yoga way and join the new studio in Friedrichshain.

17.30-18.00 Arriving at the Studio
18.00-18.45 Pilates
19.00-20.00 Yin & Soundbath Ceremony

More about Ariel Hayun

I’m a dance artist and Pilates instructor. To me, the body and its movements are teachers. My teaching is a journey in which I try to guide you inward to discover the incredible knowledge contained in your body and carry that back into your life. I won’t lie, the path includes meeting all the blockages on the way.
I studied contemporary dance in SEAD (graduated in 2019, AT) and got my Pilates Teacher Diploma with BASI Pilates (Mat course, 2016). I’ve been teaching since 2016 and working as a dance artist since 2019. The pelvis is the focus of my current work as a dance artist, which influences my teaching too. In the past year, I’ve been busy with movement research in which I explore ways of combining knowledge from subversive dance practices in which the pelvis is the protagonist (mainly Twerk, Belly dance, and Orly Portal Method) with pro-sex feminist and queer approaches.

More about Sara Sembrar

With her grounded charisma, Sara manages to create a space in which all participants feel comfortable. With her inner fire, she sparks the desire in everyone to dive into the practice and let themselves fall. Her gift is her sound. Be it with a soundbath or with a powerful vinyasa class. Sara’s voice takes you to another place: you. The goal is to find yourself a little more in between all the big city hustle and bustle. To feel yourself and so to find acceptance for the past, ease for the future and power for the here and now.