Annina Lingens

»Yoga is not about touching your toes. It is what you learn on the way down.« –Jigar Gor

Annina is a 800hr advanced certified Jivamukti teacher who is convinced that being present is the most radical tool on and off the mat to find your purpose in life. In her energizing classes she encourages everyone to explore the limits of their own bodies, emphasizing precision in detail, alertness in mind and body, and enjoyment practice and teaching. She is known for her creative, intelligent sequencing and her precise hands-on assists and massages. Her students appreciate Annina for her refreshing humor and her clear stance as a person, mother, empowered woman, and artist, which also influence her classes.

Their Class

Jivamukti Open 75'

Jivamukti Open 75'

In this class, physical exercises come together with music, guided breathing, spiritual themes and meditation. Jivamukti Yoga combines ethical and spiritual ideas with a powerful practice that allows practitioners to connect the teachings in class to their everyday lives. You practice within your own means, supported by the guidance of the teacher, who always offers different variations and hands-on-assists. In each class you will chant, get philosophical input from the ancient yogic scriptures, meditate and relax in shavasana after practice.

Sunday’s 11.30AM
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