• 18.05.2024
  • 3H
  • With Dennis
  • 18.05.24
  • 4PM–7PM
  • 25–38€
  • 18.05.2024
  • 3H
  • With Dennis
  • 18.05.24
  • 4PM–7PM
  • 25–38€

Returning to Slowness – A Tantra– & Somatic–Inspired Workshop

i invite you to join with courage and trust, guiding you closer to your inner authentic self within this 3-hour workshop infused with tantra and somatic influences. here, the art of deliberate slowness serves as a compass guiding your personal evolution.

dive deep into the essence of embodiment through guided mindfulness and tantric practices, anchoring yourself firmly in the present moment and nurturing a profound body-mind harmony.

experience the profound power of conscious intimacy as you engage in immersive exercises tailored to foster deeper connections with both yourself and others. through these activities, cultivate empathy and understanding on a meaningful level.

join us in embracing the beauty of intentional pacing, where strength is found in slowness. unveil the mysteries of embodiment and intimacy, paving the way for a more tranquil and fulfilled version of yourself


38€ p.p. | rts full price ticket

25€ p.p. | rts solidarity price ticket

(if you are currently not in the financial position to pay a full price ticket)

all gender identities, experience levels, legal ages, sexual orientations & spiritual paths are welcome.


what you can expect

● a safer space to be able to be fully authentic
● consent & boundary practices
● somatic-inspired practices, e.g. dancing, intuitive movement
● tantra-inspired practices, e.g. guided dynamic meditation, conscious breath & touch, tantrik rituals
● solo practices (e.g. meditation, intuitive movement)
● partner practices (e.g. conscious touch, compassionate sharings)*
● sharing circles
● a dedicated team
● a beautiful and cozy space in the heart of berlin
● a little variety of snacks, teas and water
● all practices are non-sexual and fully dressed
*the majority of practices will be partner practices. if you are joining the workshop with a friend or partner, you are more than welcome to do these practices with them; but you are invited to practise with fellow participants as well.


who is this for

● you are fluent in english
● you want to gain deeper access to your embodied emotions & bodily sensations
● you are open to bodily explore the edges of your comfort zone and even step outside of it to grow
● you are keen to learn more about tantra as a journey of expansion, self-love and healing
● participants of every level of experience of tantrik practices are welcome
● you are keen to slow down and leave the space with a genuine feeling of openness, relaxation, grounding & connection

what to bring

● comfortable clothes to freely move in and that keep you warm enough
● refillable water bottle & snacks
● your journal (optional)
● your sacred objects, e.g. crystals, jewellery (optional)
● openness towards working with other participants
● openness towards working with all genders

your potential benefits*

● greater body-mind connection
● higher level of resilience
● stress reduction
● increased self-awareness, self-love and self-acceptance
● emotional regulation
● balanced nervous system
● spiritual & emotional growth
● reduced anxiety
● opened heart
*it is important to note that individual experiences may vary, and these benefits are generalisations based on own experience, research and anecdotal evidence.


stay connected

website: www.returningtoslowness.com

instagram: www.instagram.com/returningtoslowness

telegram: https://t.me/returningtoslowness



Payment is only refunded if you cancel 24h before the event starts

More About Dennis

Dennis, a tantra facilitator based in berlin, welcomes you to embrace slowness through his tantra- and soma-inspired classes and extended workshops. focused on reconnecting with your inner essence, he creates spaces for self-discovery within your body. drawing from his own healing journey, incorporating tantrik practices, somatic exploration, mindfulness, and energy work, dennis emphasizes emotional and conscious engagement. his transformative experiences led him to leave a corporate job, pursuing a path that enhanced emotional and mental resilience. with berlin’s hectic pace in mind, dennis advocates for conscious slowness as a means to connect with truth and authenticity. through various formats inspired by tantrik practices, he guides others on this intentional journey.