• 13.01.24
  • 2.45PM–5.30PM
  • 29€
  • 13.01.24
  • 2.45PM–5.30PM
  • 29€

THE REST BATH – A Rest Workshop for BIPOCS

What would your life look like if your body and mind were deeply rested?
Start your year with nurturing your Soul.

Slowing down means to reconnect with ourselves.
It allows us to feel a greater sense of stability, peace and clarity in all aspects of our life. Resting is a portal for healing and self connection- available to all.
When was the last time – that you allowed yourself just to be slow and rest?


Inspired by Audre Lorde, Tricia Hersey, Tracee Stanley and many more, Isabelle Dikumbi has created „The Rest Bath“

THE REST BATH is a workshop to let yourself be soothed by slowness and ease. You will receive impulses and inspiration for creating your own rest practices as we indulge in breathing, soft movement, visualization, journaling and restorative Yoga. You are also free to do nothing at all, or simply nap.
A space to slow down and reconnect with your soul rhythm.

Soften so you can listen to your wisdom within.
Rest is Resistence.
Rest is Revolution.

Set the right Intention to start your year – you deserve to just BE.

What to expect:
Breathwork, gentle Yoga,
Visualization, journaling, sound bath
being in community

What to bring:
Soft clothing, warm covers (socks, pullover)
a journaling book
Water bottle
Something to put on the altar if you want

Please note that this workshop is only for you,
if you Identify as Black, Indigenous or Person of Color !


We offer 5 Social Tickets for 19€.

More about Isabelle Dikumbi

Isabelle Dikumbi is a Yoga teacher and health practitioner in Berlin. Her Yoga style is infused with reminders that Yoga is a practice from within. Isabelle teaches since 2016 in Berlin. She concluded her TT at Spirit Yoga Berlin. She also teaches Restorative Yoga, Meditation and Yin Yoga. Isabelle studied traditional chinese medicine, plant medicine, massage and being a singer and musician herself, exploring the healing power of sound and music. Her mission is to remind us that resources of healing and health are already plenty inside of us, available to all and guides us to reclaim the power of our own bodies and well being. She also teaches Workshops around the power of the voice, Restorative Yoga and practices of Rest in Berlin. She Co-Created the first bigger BIPOC Yoga Retreat in Germany: „Nourish your Soul“.