• 24.02.2024
  • 2H
  • 24.02.24
  • 7.30PM–9.30PM
  • 40–45€
  • 24.02.2024
  • 2H
  • 24.02.24
  • 7.30PM–9.30PM
  • 40–45€

Women’s Circle: Taoist Breast Massage

We’re inviting you for a women’s circle in an intimate setting where we explore a deeper connection to our selves through our female body and the taoist practice of breast massage.

In Taoism, the breasts are also called the „Bells of Love“. Our heart space and  breasts are the yang pole of our body and represent the giving part of the female body. To be able to give, we must nourish our bodies first through closeness and touch.

We will start the evening with a cacao ritual and grounding meditation to allow our hearts to soften and arrive in our bodies.

From there, we will connect more deeply with the energy of our boobies and explore self-massage techniques.

This is for you if you:
•are looking for new types of sensual and conscious touch
•don’t know how to touch yourself
•rarely or never touch your breasts
•want to strengthen the love for your breasts
•long for more sensitivity in your breatsts

You can expect:
•to practice and learn the Taoist breast massage technique
•a meditation for the female body
•giving yourself closeness and loving touch
•asking your body for permission and giving it space
•listening to your body’s intuitive yes or no
•respecting your body

Please bring:
– comfortable clothes
– something cozy to wrap yourself with, e.g. a sarong or blanket
– massage oil like coconut oil, rose oil or any other scent you enjoy
– a journal and pen

As we want to strengthen the connection to our bodies, you’re invited to listen to your body at any time. The breast massage is taught and practiced topless, and yet you will be free to decide what feels right for you in the moment.

Expect a workshop of creating a nourishing and sensual connection to your body with practices that can be integrated into your own life.

Aurelia works as a Psychosexual Somatic Therapy Coach, Menstruality Mentor, Yoga, Meditation, and Breathwork Teacher in Berlin. She assists individuals in their journey toward self-discovery, using rituals from Tao Tantra to enhance the mind-body connection, acknowledge emotional needs, and improve communication.

Jil offers her work as a Hypnosis Coach, Ceremonialist and Breathwork facilitator in Berlin. She’s opening spaces of transformation in one-on-one and group settings that invite a stronger connection to oneself and nature that we are part of. The core of her offerings is the cacao plant and the work with women specifically to foster the connection to the earth and their own natural cycles.

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Regular Price: 45€
USC Price: 40€ + USC Check-in

Payment is only refunded if you cancel your booking in fitogram 24h before the event starts