• 17.03.24
  • 8PM–9.30PM
  • 18€
  • 17.03.24
  • 8PM–9.30PM
  • 18€

The Art Of Letting Go – Ecstasy & Meditation

This event is an invitation to feel you. It is about creating the space for ourselves and to experience our body as a tool.
Through meditation and asana practice you will feel, observe and connect with yourself. From your own awareness, self-observation and inner mindfulness to the release in the collective group through ecstatic movements. Energy is given and will be received – it will be a celebration of liberation.
From awareness to chaos to inner peace – a journey just like life.
It’s about being conscious about yourself and for others. It’s about seeing each other and thus being able to let go. Let’s have fun. See you, Sara

please wear comfy clothes
dont eat heavy before practice
bring pen&paper if you like
this can be an intense practice so please come healthy


Book this class via: Urban Sports Club / Classpass / Gympass / Drop-in 18€

Payment is only refunded if you cancel 24h before the event starts

More about Sara Sembrar

With her grounded charisma, Sara manages to create a space in which all participants feel comfortable. With her inner fire, she sparks the desire in everyone to dive into the practice and let themselves fall. Her gift is her sound. Be it with a soundbath or with a powerful vinyasa class. Sara’s voice takes you to another place: you. The goal is to find yourself a little more in between all the big city hustle and bustle. To feel yourself and so to find acceptance for the past, ease for the future and power for the here and now.