Arianna Kaiser

»Life is a 18 inches journey – from the head to the heart.«

Arianna’s passion for yoga cultivated in 2009, but it was only during the Covid lockdown that she dove deeper into its philosophy and recognized its powerful effects on her mind. In 2022, she then completed a transformative 200-hour Vinyasa teacher training in Guatemala. For Arianna, yoga asana is more than just physical movement, it’s a profound form of movement medicine. Through yoga, Arianna discovers the art of self-awareness, observing the ever-changing patterns of the mind with compassion and transforming them with each breath. As a lifelong learner, Arianna believes yoga holds immense potential for growth and healing. To her, Yoga is the practice of connection – to the body, emotions, and inner self.

Their Classes



Unlock your energy with a dynamic Vinyasa Flow. This practice blends breath and movement enhancing your strength balance and serenity. Join Arianna to build heat, release tension and find calmness as you flow effortlessly between poses synchronizing each breath with every movement.

Thursday’s 9.45AM
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