Janan Laubscher

»Our ability to grow is directly proportional to an ability to entertain the uncomfortable.« Twyla Tharp

Janan Laubscher is a professional dancer and Pilates teacher residing in Berlin. She was born in Las Vegas, Nevada where her formal dance training took place at the LV Academy of the Performing Arts. Since moving to Berlin in 2019, she has had the opportunity to perform in multiple venues throughout Europe and cultivate her love of mindful fitness. She brings a more somatic and breath focused approach to her Pilates classes, the connection between body and mind is of utmost importance to her.

Their Class



An open level Pilates class to center yourself for the rest of the day. In this class we focus on foundational Pilates exercises, moving at a calm pace, enhancing our body awareness while targeting specific muscles.

Friday’s 7.30AM
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