Luisa Morgenroth

»We do not truly know ourselves unless we can feel and interpret our physical sensations, weneed to register and act on these sensations to navigate through life.«

Luisa is an interdiciplinary dance artist and a yoga teacher. She has a 500h RYT training in Ashtanga Vinyasa which she assembled in her trainings with her teacher in Mexico in 2021 and 2023. The world of yoga opendend up for her in a Vipassana meditation in 2018 and since then she integrated the practice alongside other physical practices. After receiving her diploma in dance, she organized dance festivals and workshops, sharing the urge to move beside her performance life. Since more than ten years she is teaching movement, progressing on her path to hold space and teach in her authenticity. Luisa is currently in her master in critical dance studies in and wrote a research paper about the grounding effects of the Ashtanga Primary Series and the body’s ability to regulate body memories through Asana practice.

Their Classes

Purifying Ashtanga Class

Purifying Ashtanga Class

Ashtanga Yoga emphasizes efficiency and economy of movement. Transitions between postures are designed to be minimal and concise, allowing practitioners to conserve energy and maintain the flow of the practice. The postures are arranged in a specific order, allowing for progressive opening and strengthening of the body. This class aims to create a flow, transitioning from standing and seated poses, backbends, and inversions, ensuring a balanced practice for the entire body. The combination of balancing, grounding and calming postures, presents the mind with the challenge of navigating through different phases while maintaining control over the breath. This practice brings us back to our centre, allowing us to respond to stressors with more clarity and composure. Luisa will guide the class with the aim to make this practice accessible for everybody. With the awareness that each body comes with different conditions, she will offer variations of the Asanas and focus on the alignment of the body.

Wednesday’s 10.30AM
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