Kira Ernst

»Find the strength it takes to be soft.«

Kira is a former social media manager with a strong drive for political activism. Trying to navigate the ups and downs of her 20s, she discovered stability and clarity through a strong and dedicated yoga practice. A practice and state of mind she could return to time and time again to centre herself and unravel the layers of the mind. This is what she shares with others in her yoga teaching. Creating a space for people to move and feel in a dynamic and creative way, so that in the end the mind becomes clear again. Her yoga style is nourished by a deep respect and love for nature and the human psyche. She is currently studying yoga psychology with Nora Wendt, anatomical sequencing with Alex Perez and holistic and creative sequencing with Marlene Schmitt. She also holds a Reiki Level 1 certificate and brings awareness to energetic and holistic approaches to self-healing in her yoga classes.

Their Class



This morning yoga class will gently awaken your body and mind, bringing inner strength and intention to your upcoming Sunday. We will practice some meditation, breathing exercises, mindful movements & creative sun salutations inspired by nature. Practicing early in the morning, right after waking up, is a very powerful practice to commit to. The dream world is still close to our consciousness and we are still waking up, coming into the day. An early morning yoga practice can inspire your day and create a clear intention. Get ready to flow & glow into your Sunday!

Sunday’s 8AM
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