Sarah Scholz

»In the depths of your heart, you have always known the truth.« — Anand Mehrotra

I am trained as a certified 600h yoga teacher, professional dancer (contemporary) and movement pedagogue. My intention is to expand human consciousness into an evolutionary state of being to find their true essence. My offerings and creations are based on a holistic approach to serve the body, heart and mind. My spaces are designed to allow each body to open to its full expression. It is important to me that you feel seen, held and supported in your individual journey. In my offerings you will find creativity, relaxation, awareness and mindfulness, while honoring each participant’s energetic level to allow them to arrive fully in the present. I teach from a blend of inspirations gathered from my own inner journey such as: somatic movement, dance, breathwork, meditation, sattva kundalini kriyas, vinyasa, yin, sound vibrations, contact improvisation, chanting and voice activation. I do my best to always teach from a place of love and respect for the teachings I have experienced on my own journey.



2012-2014: Movement pedagogue for Dance, Gymnastik & Sports, Impuls e.V. Bremen

2014-2017: Professional Dancer for Contemporary, Danceworks & Berlin Dance Institute

2014-2018: Group-Fitness & Dance Instructor, at various studios in Berlin

2018:  Silent Retreat & Karma Yoga, Hridaya Yoga, France

2019:  200h Multi Style YTTC, Green Yoga International, Spain

2021: 50h Mindful Sequencing & Hands on Assist, Yoga on the Move & Trimurti Germany

2023: 50h Tantric Divine Feminine TTC, Goa India

2023: 300h Sattva Kundalini YTTC, Rishikesh India


Their Classes



In Yin Yoga the medicine lies in stillness. The body gradually opens up as the postures are held passively for several minutes. Through these long-held postures the connective tissue, called fascia, is targeted and the nervous system is given an opportunity to rest deeply. Infused with sound vibrations through crystal singing bowls, harmonium, koshi & the gong, we allow our system to surrender into presence. We conclude the practice with a deep state of Savasana guided by a sound meditation which can include poems & mantras. No experience necessary, just come as you are.

Wednesday’s 6.45PM
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This evening practice combines Himalayan Breath techniques, Kriyas from Sattva Yoga, Sound & Chants— to create a vitalizing & calm state of consciousness. It will help you to release stagnant energy, moves you towards an evolutionary state of being, activates prana (vital energy) and sets the foundation to dive deeper within your true essence. We conclude the practice with a sound meditation. This creation of different tools is open to all levels and allows you to end the day in a centered state.

Wednesday’s 5.30PM
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